Must pre-register for all classes!


 4:15 PM: Lower Body Burn w/ Anthony *

5:15 Zumba w/ Kelli *

6 PM: Group PT w/ Rachel 


6 AM: Group PT w/ Rachel 

8:30 AM Group PT 

4:30 HIIT w/ Rachel*

5:15 PM: Zumba w/ Kelli*

 6 PM: Barre Sweat w/ Rachel *



8:30 AM: Barre Burn w/ Rachel  *

10 AM: Group PT

 4:15 PM: Upper Body Sculpt*

5:15 PM: Pilates Yoga Fusion w/ Joe*

6 PM: Upper Body Sculpt w/ Anthony*



6 AM: Core Circuit PT Training w/ Rachel 

8:30 AM HIIT Pilates w/ Rachel*

4:15  PM: Group PT w/ Anthony 

5 PM: Zumba Express w/ Kelli*

5:30 PM:HIIT w/ Rachel*

6 PM: Group PT w/ Rachel



6 AM:  Group PT Circuit 30 w/ Rachel 

 12 PM: Group PT Circuit 30 with Rachel  

4:30 Happy Hour & A Half Zumba w/ Kelli*

5:15 PM Group PT Circuit 30 with Rachel 



9 AM: Group PT

10 AM: Group PT Circuit w/ Rachel 

10:30 AM: Barre Flex 30 w/ Rachel *




8:30 AM: Barre Burn Express w/ Rachel *

9 AM: Yoga w/ Joe *

* Included in class only membership


Barre Burn – Targets deep core and leg muscles using higher reps and smaller ranges of motion. It combines ballet-inspired moves with elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and strength training.

Barre Sweat – Similar to barre burn with added higher intensity exercises to increase your heart rate. Other equipment may be incorporated into the workout such as dumbbells or steppers.

Barre Flex 30 – 30 minute stretch and balance class focusing on dynamic and static stretching to help you gain better flexibilty and core strength. 

 Upper Body Sculpt: An upper body focused workout designed to define muscles in the back chest and arms.

SculptX -Faster paced total body workout designed to increase heart rate, burn calories while helping to develop muscle definition Incorporates dumbbells, bands, balls steppers and more – anything goes! 

Class Descriptions
ALL fitness levels will be accommodated for each class

Body Shape: Build a beautiful body with this total body workout. We will be using lighter weights and bands, and completing higher reps to increase fat burn and & build lean muscle.

Beginner HIIT: Total body higher intensity body weight movements in shorter bursts intended to get your heart rate up and burn fat all day long. This class can be modified to any fitness level.

Core + All Level Cardio: Exercises designed to build a stronger core and better balance, paired with modified movements to build stamina and cardiovascular health.

Total Body Strength: A 30 minute personal training class on the gym floor using fundamental total body movements using a variety of gym equipment. Focuses on strength, mobility and balance. Included in membership!

Lower Body Burn: All lower body movements using bands and stability balls designed to build your legs and glutes!

Tabata: Burn calories all day long with this total body interval training workout. Tabata training is typically 20 seconds of intense bursts followed by 10 seconds of rest – & repeat! 30 minute class.

Strength & Step: Everything you need – all in one class! You will combine step movements with total body strength exercises to help you get stronger, burn fat AND build lean muscle!

HI-PI: A 45 minute class that combines higher intensity intervals and pilates inspired core movements.

Circuit 30: A 30 minute personal training class on the gym floor. This class is included in class membership! *please sign up for this class as space is limited to 8 members.

Group PT: Group personal training focusing on strength training using gym machines and equipment.

Pilates: Pilates concentrates on strengthening the body with an emphasis on core strength. This helps to improve general fitness and overall well-being. Similar to Yoga, Pilates concentrates on posture, balance and flexibility.

Yoga – Vinyasa 

All classes & small groups will be 45 minutes. Classes with a *30* at the end will be 30 minutes.